Getting Started on a Big Project

I have just started out on this project, but it is going to take quite a bit of time to get it completed. The basic thing is that me and a half dozen other people bought a rather large piece of farm land which is just South of the metropolitan area. One of them is a chiropractor in Orland Park IL who fixed my back after someone crossed the center line and smashed into my truck about six years ago. He knew the other people and of course we are thinking about this as an investment, but it is not really that exactly. The land sits on a little tributary of the Illinois river where there is a lot of marshland and where you have that, you also have lots of water fowl. Obviously this makes it really easy to sell it to people who like to hunt ducks and fish.

The piece of land is huge, much of it has never been farmed. At least not in living memory. However there is a lot of land which used to be corn fields a short time ago, at least in relative terms. For the last six or seven years it has been tied up in a dispute between heirs. Eventually one of them died before they reached agreement and the fighting probably cost the other one so much that he was desperate to sell the land. We had to spend a lot of time working on the details and now I have to work on the infrastructure. The land has been divided up and we are going to build what amounts to five fishing camps or hunting lodges on the land. It is so big that this can be done quite easily. Obviously I intend to make a good profit from each job.