Baking Cookies All Day Just About Ruined My Back

Can you guess what did my back in over the weekend? Of all things, it was baking cookies. I was baking sheet after sheet of peanut butter cookies. A few hours into it, my back started to ache. It then progressed to the point of a pretty bad backache. It was pulling like I was hanging from a bridge by my fingertips for a day. I could not get the muscle spasms to relax. I spent all that time leaning over a countertop rolling peanut butter cookies into little balls and needed to see my Sacramento chiropractor the next day.

We were baking cookies to give to family, friends and neighbors. Everyone likes the cookies I bake. I even make a PB and J cookie that should be illegal because it is so good. However, my back was just not up to the task this weekend. I actually took a day off on Monday so I could get over to see my Sacramento chiropractor. I was not sure if the treatment would work this time to get me to not feel that burning and pulling pain so I could get to work. However, it worked just as good as it always does. The electrical stim along with the heat and massage knocks out those trigger points so my back stops its spasms, and then I feel wonderful again.

I am not sure what causes my back to start into muscle spasms, but it does. Then when it stays like that for a couple of days, I throw my spine out of alignment walking hunched over. Then I get those sciatic nerve pains shooting down my legs and into my toe. That is when I really need an adjustment. I cannot stand back pain. It makes it so I cannot get anything done. That is why I see my chiropractor as soon as it starts.